The Perfect Blend


Open your mind, cross every border, prepare yourself for a journey through original and unexpected taste sensations; Bastian Caffè, a new surprise every day.

A Path of Taste

A journey in search of taste to select the bests coffee qualities for our blend. From South America to Asia, we've chosen the best arabic and robust coffee selections, to give a fruity and delicate and a strong and round flavor to our coffee.

The right solution for you

For our blends we've chosen light toasting, which makes our coffee fruity, delicate, round and full-bodied. A perfect balance between coffee's natural and intense aromas.

Different solutions for a single aroma

Try the unique and unmistakable taste of Bastian Caffè, whenever you are, at home or at work. From Coffee beans to ground coffe, from pods to capsules, an unique aroma for a taste explosion.

Let yourself be surprised

Do not leave to whatever blend the unique pleasure of every day. Bastian Caffè, a quality blend selected to give you an intense emotion whenever you want.